Ian is a Canadian contemporary artist currently based in Leeds, UK. His work is inspired by the history of art and design, from ancient cave paintings and Greek amphorae, to graffiti and computer graphics. The hieroglyphic surfaces of his 2D and sculptural pieces remix iconographies from past and present cultures, often in response to current political and social themes. He creates most of his work digitally, then manufactures it out of industrial materials including stainless steel, vinyl, corrugated cardboard, Perspex and Dibond.

His art has been exhibited across the UK and internationally, with shows in New York, Chicago, Montreal, Berlin, and London. He has produced commissions for the London 2012 Olympics, the Tour de France, and the Oxford Museum of Natural History, and recently completed public art projects in Leeds, Middlesbrough, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Ian is currently working on a major solo exhibition, titled MYTHOMANIA, opening in July 2019 at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in Scunthorpe. The project is generously supported by Arts Council England and will result in the production of several new, experimental sculptural and 2D pieces.

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